Bold And Beautiful Beaded Lanyard Patterns

Bold And Beautiful Beaded Lanyard Patterns

Although you may not be familiar with the word, lanyard, it is probable that you are familiar with what a lanyard is. A lanyard is a cord or strap, somewhat like a necklace, that is worn around the neck. The lanyard normally serves a special purpose, such as holding an ID badge, key or other important item. Although the lanyard can be worn around the arm or wrist, the most popular lanyard is worn on the neck to keep hands free from carrying important items.

Lanyards are used many places. Businesses, hospitals, schools, trade shows, conventions and special events are popular venues for lanyard use. The lanyard is made out of various materials, colors and ends to hold the badge, key or other important item. Typically, the lanyard is made out of nylon or polyester. The lanyard can be made as a custom product with a printed logo or company name on them for promotional purposes. Lanyards are used to display a photo id card securely or carry pens, glasses, keys, or other item.

There are a number of different lanyard manufacturers that make a variety of lanyard options. One of the most beautiful lanyards is the beaded lanyard. The beaded lanyard seems to be a cross between the necklace and a standard lanyard. Colorful beads create a top quality lanyard that is fashionable as well as useful.

Beaded lanyards can be made of simple, metallic beads or they can have unique, fairly expensive beads that are designed by skilled artisans. These lanyards made of beads are colorful with patterns made of glad, crystal or gemstones. The cost of these lanyards is more as the bead cost is increased.

A drawback to a lanyard of beads is that it is more fragile than the typical nylon lanyard. The lanyard is made of strong cord that holds the beads in place, but it is typically more fragile than the off the shelf lanyard.

Beaded lanyards are made of various multi-colored beads. Often the beads are accented with other items to make beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry. Some beaded lanyards even have Swarovski crystals for the discerning wearer. With many options, it is possible to have a distinctive style to coordinate your outfit for a stylish look.

Beaded lanyards sometimes come with accessory pieces that coordinate with the lanyard. The lanyard may coordinate with earrings or a bracelet for a fashionable look. Beaded lanyards are often used to hang glasses around a neck as an eyeglass holder. Whatever the need, the lanyard is capable of providing a stylish statement while providing a useful option to display an ID badge or carry important items such as keys or a whistle with ease.

Whatever beaded lanyards you choose, the jewelry is attractive and makes a stylish fashion statement. It is fun and rewarding for people wanting to stay in high fashion to be able to choose one or more beaded lanyards to provide an attractive, eye catching look to wear throughout their day to day activity.